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Interview in Easy English: Pusha CL at Special Olympics Festival

On the photo you see rapper Pusha CL in front of the stage on the Special Olympics festival. He wears a green jacket, puts his hands up in the air and smiles.
Pusha CL (Rapper) Special Olympics Nationale Spiele 2022 Festival am Neptunbrunnen in Berlin am 20.06.2022
Pressefoto Berlin/JURI REETZ+491

Gabi Gerwins and Sarah Jane Borchert from the inclusive editorial team have met the rapper.


6 questions to Pusha CL:

His rap music thrilled the listeners

at the Special Olympics Festival: Pusha CL.

Pusha CL's real name is Calvin Schunn.

Calvin is 17 years old.

And he drove almost 400 kilometers

to be able to perform at the Special Olympics Festival.

We met him.

And we asked him some questions.


Calvin, you perform under the name Pusha CL.

What does the name mean?

Response from Calvin Schunn:

The word push is English.

It means, for example, to push.

To push something new.

That is important to me.

The letters C and L come from my

first name Calvin.



How did you get into music?

Response from Calvin Schunn:

Music is my big dream.

In my life I have experienced some

not so nice things.

With my music I want to support people

and give them courage.



One of your rap songs is called: Better stay alone.

How do you get the ideas for your rap songs?

Response from Calvin Schunn:

The ideas usually come to me in the evening.

I write what I have experienced myself.

That's why music is very important to me.

Every rap song is a chapter.

Like in a book.

Each chapter is a different story

from my life.

The songs are connected to each other.

There are always certain words or phrases

that appear in several songs.

For example: We can do anything.

That is my message.

On the photo you see rapper Pusha CL and next to him you see Arthur Hackenthal, member of the local organisation committee of the World Games. They stand in front of the stage at the Special Olympics festival. Both show a thumbs up and smile. In the background you see the back of a woman.



Have you been to Berlin before?

Response from Calvin Schunn:

No, this is the first time.

I come from Kirchlengern in Germany.

Kirchlengern is about 400 kilometers from Berlin.

I wanted to perform at the Special Olympics Festival.

That's why I'm here.



How did you find out about Special Olympics?

Response from Calvin Schunn:

I do sports myself, especially strength sports.

That's why I'm very interested in sports.

Then friends told me about Special Olympics.

What I saw impressed me a lot.

There is something for everyone.


Where can we find more music from you?

Response from Calvin Schunn:

I have a channel on YouTube.

This is the link:


Go to Website in Easy English



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