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19-24 June 2022

Beach Volleyball

How to play beach volleyball:

Beach volleyball is a specific discipline of volleyball.

Beach volleyball is not played indoors.

It is played outside.

The court is made of sand.

2 teams play against each other.

In Special Olympics, each team has 4 players:

  • 2 athletes and
  • 2 partners.

The players play the ball only with their hands.

There is a net in the middle of the court.

The players hit the ball over the net.

If the ball falls on the court on their own side,

the other team gets a point.

The photo shows an action scene of a Beach Volleyball match.
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The photo shows a bunch of Beach Volleyball players from opposing teams celebrating together after the match.
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The photo shows a female beach volleyball player while she hits the ball from below.
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The photo shows four Beach Volleyball players in a group hug.
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The photo shows two Beach Volleyball players, one putting his hand on the head of the other. Both are smiling.
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The photo shows a Beach Volleyball players in action, jumping towards the ball.
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The photo shows two female athletes during a Beach Volleyball competition, high fiving each other.
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A photo of an athletic scene during a Beach Volleyball match.
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On the photo, there are two Beach Volleyball players holding each other in their arms.
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A photo of a Beachvolleyball scene: one player is blocking and one is pritching the ball.
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Unified Sports®

In Unified Sports®, people with ID and

people without disabilities play sport together.

They also compete together.

The people with ID are called athletes.

The people without disabilities are called partners.


Is beach volleyball a Unified Sport?


There are teams of people with ID.

And there are teams of people with ID and people without disabilities.


How many people play beach volleyball at the National Games?

15 athletes and 14 partners.


Beach volleyball takes place in the north of Olympiapark.

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