Countdown to the Games
19-24 June 2022


There are different disciplines:

  • dressage

    In dressage, the rider and the horse do different tests.


  • jumping

    In jumping, the horses have to jump over different heights.


  • English equitation

    In English equitation, the horses do different tricks.


  • working trails

    In working trails the horses go

    over various obstacles or through objects.


  • Unified Sports drill teams

    athlete and partner perform a freestyle with music.


  • vaulting

    In vaulting, 1, 2 or 3 athletes

    do various gymnastic routines on a horse.

The photo shows a male rider on a white horse during competition.
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The photo shows a female rider competition on her white horse.
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The photo shows an obstacle course for equestrian outdoors. The ground is sandy and the Horst Korber Sports Center is visible in the background.
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On the photo, there is an athlete doing his equestrian performance with a brown horse.
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The photo shows an athlete during her equestrian performance on her white horse.
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Unified Sports®

In Unified Sports®, people with ID and

people without disabilities play sport together.

They also compete together.

The people with ID are called athletes.

The people without disabilities are called partners.


Is equestrian a Unified Sport?


There are teams of people with ID.

And there are teams of people with ID and people without disabilities.


How many people do equestrian at the National Games?

89 athletes and 19 partners.


Equestrian takes place at Reitclub

on the grounds of Olympiapark.

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