Countdown to the Games
19-24 June 2022


In England the sport is called football.

In America the sport is called soccer.


How to play football:

2 teams play against each other.

There are 2 nets.

The teams have to kick the ball into the net

of the other team.


In Special Olympics there are specific rules.

For example:

  • All teams have 7 players.
  • There is no offside.
  • A match lasts 40 minutes.
On the photo, there are three football players during a match. One of them is kicking the ball while the other two are her opponents.
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In the photo you can see the soccer team of Special Olympics Germany. They are standing in a circle and shouting loudly.
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The photo shows two football players in action while one of them is dynamically kicking the ball.
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The photo shows a group of football players smiling and hugging on the pitch.
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Unified Sports®

In Unified Sports®, people with ID and

people without disabilities play sport together.

They also compete together.

The people with ID are called athletes.

The people without disabilities are called partners.


Is football a Unified Sport?


There are teams of people with ID.

And there are teams of people with ID and people without disabilities.


How many people play football at the National Games?

735 athletes and 105 partners.


Football takes place at Maifeld

on the grounds of Olympiapark.

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