Countdown to the Games
19-24 June 2022


How to play tennis:

Tennis can be played outdoors or indoors.

2 or 4 players play against each other.

There is a net in the middle of the court.

All players have a racket.

They use the racket to hit a ball over the net.


Does a player make mistakes?

For example, the same player touches the ball twice.

On the photo, there is a tennis athlete during a match. She jumps up and smiley with joy.
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On the photo, there is a male tennis player in action. He is hitting the ball, holding the racket with both hands.
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On the photo, there is a female tennis player who is clenching a fist.
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The photo shows two tennis players celebrating a scene during a match. They are smiling and giving each other a high five.
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On the photo, there is a tennis ball on court with red sand.
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Unified Sports®

In Unified Sports®, people with ID and

people without disabilities play sport together.

They also compete together.

The people with ID are called athletes.

The people without disabilities are called partners.


Is tennis a Unified Sport?


There are teams of people with ID.

And there are teams of people with ID and people without disabilities.


How many people play tennis at the National Games?

83 athletes and 30 partners.

Messe Berlin

Tennis takes place at Tennis Club Brandenburg e.V.

next to Messe Berlin.

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