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Hot moments and celebrity visits on Day 4

The photo shows Hertha professional player Kevin Prince Boateng greeting one of our athletes with a handshake.
Nationale Sommerspiele 2022, Berlin, 22.06.2022 Leichtathletik Weitsprung Maike Wilbois (740) Foto: LOC/camera4
Stefan Holtzem/SOD/Stefan Holtzem

With temperatures above 30 degrees, cooling down and enough to drink were provided on Day 4 during the sports competitions. And yet there were some particularly hot moments that made the fans' hearts of our athletes beat faster.

The surprises were a total success and the athletes were thrilled: While the competitions were in full swing, prominent guests visited us in Olympiapark.

First, the entire professional team of Hertha BSC walked across the Maifeld together with club manager Fredi Bobic. The players took a lot of time for the enthusiastic athletes, some of whom forgot at short notice that they were actually supposed to be playing a final.

Bobic stayed even longer and handed out the medals at the football award ceremonies, which made for beaming faces.

In the photo, ex-national player Celia Sasic can be seen in the front, smiling joyfully at the camera. Next to her, slightly in the background, ex-Bayern pro Philipp Lahm is also laughing.
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The photo shows beach volleyball pros Nils Ehlers and Clemens Winkler together with RB Volleys pro Ruben Schott at the National Games while attending the beach volleyball competitions. Two more people are standing next to them.
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The photo shows an athlete taking a selfie with a professional player from Hertha BSC.
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The photo shows ex-national player Philipp Lahm and Global Athlete Ambassador Nyasha Derera. They are hugging each other in a friendly manner and smiling.
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The photo shows a Hertha professional soccer player and an athlete taking a photo together and both smiling at the camera.
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The photo shows beach volleyball pros Nils Ehlers and Clemens Winkler high-fiving and smiling with many athletes at beach volleyball during the National Games.
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The photo shows Hertha coach Sandro Schwarz with athlete spokesman Dennis Mellentin.
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In the photo, an athlete pours water over his head during a break in beach volleyball. It was over 30 degrees.
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The photo shows Celia Sasic and Philipp Lahm in the stands of a handball competition, both clapping their hands joyfully.
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The photo shows Hertha professional player Kevin Prince Boateng greeting one of our athletes with a handshake.
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But that was by no means all: A little later, Philipp Lahm, ex German national team player and member of the World Games Committee, and Célia Šašić, two-time European football champion and DFB Vice President for Diversity and Diversity, also visited us.

Both were thrilled by the atmosphere in Olympiapark and attended several sports events.

Not only beach volleyball pros Nils Ehlers and Clemens Wickler, but also BR Volleys player Ruben Schott were at the finals in Unified beach volleyball and the subsequent award ceremony.

We are very happy that the achievements of our athletes are also appreciated by prominent people. Because even today - especially in this heat - there was fenomenal sweating, cheering and winning.

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