Countdown to the Games
19-24 June 2022

What a great first day of sports competitions!

The photo shows two athletes playing tennis, just while they are hugging each other joyfully.
20.06.22, Berlin, SC Brandenburg e.V. Tennisabteilung, Tennis Im Bild: Tennis, jubelnde Athleten nach gewonnenem Match (vl) Jörg / Joerg Schröder / Schroeder und Unified Partner Andreas Grüne / Gruene (TC Gruen Weiss Neuss), Foto © Sarah Rauch / LOC
Sarah Rauch/Sarah Rauch

We look back on a day full of sporting highlights, fun and emotions. What a beautiful start to the week!

After a rainy morning on Day 1 of the Special Olympics National Games Berlin 2022, we were lucky enough to get more and more sunshine in the afternoon.

At some outdoor venues, all participants had to be a bit flexible in terms of timings, but in the end everything went smoothly.

And because it would be too difficult to highlight individual events, we let the best pictures of the day speak for themselves:

The photo shows a scene during a swimming competition, just before the athletes jump from the starting block into the water.
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In the photo there is a scene in a basketball hall. In the foreground is a female athlete while talking to a man (maybe the coach?) in a wheelchair. Both are laughing happily.
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In the photo there is a soccer player who is holding the ball in his hand. He is wearing a gray t-shirt and looks concentrated.
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The photo shows two athletes playing tennis, just while they are hugging each other joyfully.
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In the photo there is a female athlete playing bocce. She looks concentrated but slightly smiling and wears a gray sweater with the logo of the National Games.
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The photo shows a female swimmer in the pool during the competition. She is competing in the backstroke.
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The photo shows a tennis player in action. He looks concentrated and is in motion with his racket.
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Would you like more information about a specific athlete? Then have a look around in our database.


Today's results and the schedules of the upcoming days are available here.

We are looking forward to the upcoming days with you!

And for those who want to reminisce about our grand Opening Ceremony, this video gives you the opportunity to do so:

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#Berlin2022: Opening Ceremony


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