Countdown to the Games
19-24 June 2022

Non-Competitive Sports Offer

The Non-Competitive Sports Offer (NCSO) is an integral part of Special Olympics events. It provides activities manageable for any level of ability. It aims to foster encounters for people with and without disabilities and to create positive experiences that motivate further physical activity.

On the photo, there is a child dribbling through a parcour with a football. The station is part of the Non-Competitive Sports Offer.
The NCSO will be open for everyone with or without a disability including:

  • Athletes who cannot participate in official Special Olympics sports competition due to their skill and/or functional abilities
  • Participating athletes, Unified Partners, coaches, volunteers and supervisors
  • Family members and friends
  • People without disability, including school classes, kindergartens, spectators
At the very front of the photo is a pyramid of cans. In the background a boy has just thrown a ball to knock over these cans. This station is part of the Non-Competitive Sports Offer.
General program overview:

  • Number of stations: 16
  • There is no fixed order or number of stations to be completed.
  • The route card lists all of the available stations. For each completed station, the participant gets a stamp.
  • Each activity can be adapted according to the participant's ability level.
  • Each participant is honored on stage with award ceremony music and a participation ribbon.
  • The NCSO has no competitive element, the focus is on everyone enjoying their own personal success.

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18-24 June 2022


The total 16 stations are available at August-Bier-Plätze on the grounds of Olympiapark.


A smaller selection of stations is available at Neptunbrunnen in the City Cluster.


Opening hours:

August-Bier-Plätze, OlympiaparkSpecial Olympics Festival, Neptunbrunnen
Saturday, 18 June/12:00 — 21:30 hrs
Sunday, 19 June10:00 — 14:00 hrs12:00 — 18:30 hrs
Monday, 20 June9:30 — 17:30 hrs12:00 — 21:30 hrs
Tuesday, 21 June9:30 — 17:30 hrs12:00 — 21:30 hrs
Wednesday, 22 June9:30 — 17:30 hrs12:00 — 18:30 hrs
Thursday, 23 June9:30 — 17:30 hrs12:00 — 21:30 hrs
Friday, 24 June/12:00 — 18:30 hrs



The Non-Competitive Sports Offer is free and available for all with or without prior registration.

Nevertheless, individuals and groups of up to 9 people can register here to help us plan in advance.


Groups of 10 and more people can register via the Fans in the Stands program.