Countdown to the Games
19-24 June 2022


Riding and Vaulting

Know your facts:

  • Unified Sports? Yes
  • Estimated number of athletes participating: 89 athletes + 19 Unified partners

Riding and vaulting are sports that take place on horseback. Important for both sports: the horse is the partner of the rider. One must always pay attention to the health of the horse and treat it well. The athletes determine the pace, direction, and gait of the joint movement.

At the National Games, there are various disciplines in English riding and vaulting:

  1. In jumping, horse and rider negotiate a course with several obstacles in a set order.
  2. In dressage, horse and rider move in unison. Dressage is the basis of all riding, because it depends on weight shifts as well as leg and rein aids.
  3. In English equitation, the rider's seat and action in the various gaits are judged. There are no set lessons, it is up to the judges what they want to see.
  4. In working trails, the rider and horse complete various obstacles (e.g. slalom, labyrinth) in a predefined sequence.
  5. In Unified Sports drill teams, the athlete and Unified partner perform a freestyle with music.
  6. In vaulting, one, two, or three athletes do gymnastics on a horse. The animal runs evenly in a circle and is led by a lunge.

In English riding, a total of 24 competitions are held in 3 different levels. In vaulting, there are 16 competitions in 4 different levels.


Find all information about timings in the competition schedule.



For our equestrian competitions tickets are required.

The photo shows a male rider on a white horse during competition.
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The photo shows a female rider competition on her white horse.
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The photo shows an obstacle course for equestrian outdoors. The ground is sandy and the Horst Korber Sports Center is visible in the background.
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On the photo, there is an athlete doing his equestrian performance with a brown horse.
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The photo shows an athlete during her equestrian performance on her white horse.
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Equestrian takes place at Reitclub on the grounds of Olympiapark.