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19-24 June 2022


Get your ticket now for the Special Olympics National Games Berlin 2022.

Be there and experience the biggest inclusive sports event of the year in Germany.


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A photo of a Beachvolleyball scene: one player is blocking and one is pritching the ball.


To get a better overview of which sport takes place when and where, you can find our daily sports schedule here (all subject to change):



Our sporting competitions are a mix of ticketed,

free to enter and closed to spectator events.

Without spectators

EN - Fans Tickets
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The photo shows a triathlon scene at the beach. Athletes are running out of the water after finishing the swimming part of the triathlon. On the sides are spectators cheering.
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On the photo, there is a group of people cheering in the stands at a Special Olympics event.
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The photo shows a fan in the crowd with both arms raised and sticking out of the crowd.
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The photo shows a group of different people clapping and cheering.
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The photo shows an action scene during a beach volleyball match. In the background are many people on full ranks.
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The photo shows a huge crowd of people. Everyone is cheering in the direction of a large stage.
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The photo shows some young people cheering happily in the crowd at a Special Olympics event.
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Our offers for you

Day Tickets

Price: 4-5 € (including system fees)

You buy one ticket for a whole day, which gives you access to all sports in all venues for that one day!

For example, after purchasing a Wednesday Day Ticket, you will be able to visit Grünau in the morning to see the water sports and head to Olympiapark in the afternoon to watch football at Maifeld.

Please note that not all sports require a ticket or accept spectators.

These tickets do not guarantee access to a particular sport at a particular time and seating will be on a first come, first served basis.

Week Tickets

Price: 12- 15 € (including system fees)

If you are planning to cheer for several days, you can buy a week ticket and save yourself time and money. This ticket will give you access to all sports across all venues for the 6 days of competition.

A week ticket already pays off when you want to visit the Special Olympics National Games Berlin 2022 for 3 different competition days.

Please note that the week ticket does not give you access to the Opening or Closing Ceremony.


Concession tickets are available for the following groups:

Children 14 years and under, students, trainees, unemployed, those with a disability and those over 65 years.

We have special conditions for families as well. If you are a family of 4 (2 adults, 2 children 14 years and under / 1 adult, 3 children 14 years and under) you can benefit from a special discount group price (cannot be combined with concession tickets).

Public transport

All purchased tickets through the website and Fans in the Stands tickets include public transport across Berlin in zones A, B and C for the day of validity.

You must be able to present your ticket (physically or digitally) with the VBB logo and your name on the ticket when requested by officials.

Complimentary tickets do not include free public transport. If you are unsure, check your ticket for the VBB logo.


Check out our package offer, where a combination of Competition and Ceremony tickets is available for a discount price.

Opening Ceremony + Competition Week Ticket: 25€ (with concession: 20€)

The offer is automatically applied to your shopping cart total as soon as you select tickets combining these events.


If you are attending as a group, discounts are available for Competition Day Tickets for groups of 6 people or more.

We also offer our Fans in the Stands program, which provides free tickets for organisations and institutions with groups of 10 or more. For further information please reach out to our team via email.

Family Services

Coming along to support a particular athlete as a family member or friend? Why not join the Family Services program which includes a package ticket, access to the family lounge, special events and more.


Check out the pages for the Opening Ceremony and Closing Ceremony for more information on these events.

Personalised Tickets

All purchased tickets for the event must be personalized to each individual attending before they can be mailed or downloaded.

Once you have purchased your ticket, you will be invited to add the names of those attending. If you need to change a name on a ticket, you can do so by logging back into your ticket account and rename the ticket holder under “Orders”

Accredited participants

You do not need to purchase a ticket to attend any elements of the games. If you have an accreditation you are free to attend any sports at any venue as a spectator (pending available seats).

You will be provided with any tickets you require to access the Ceremonies free of charge, not all groups will require tickets.

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Further information

Covid Policy

Special Olympics National Games will be following the regulations regarding public events set out by The Berlin Senate at the time of event.

The regulations can be found on the Berlin Senate website here.

We strongly recommend that you are fully vaccinated or recovered when attending the games to protect our athletes and each other (2G).

More Covid FAQ’s can be found on our FAQ page

Please note that no refunds will be provided if the regulations around vaccination, testing and recovery at public events change and you are no longer admitted entrance


Our sports are spread out across the city, you can check them out on our venues page. Accessibility infos about each venue are available in German here.

See our Accessibility FAQ’s here or you can contact our team with any questions.

System Fee

Please note a system fee of 1€ per a ticket will be applied by our ticket supplier at the final basket stage.
On the photo, there is an athlete running a race in triathlon. As this is the last part of the three disciplines in triathlon (after swimming and cycling), he is giving high fives to the spectator waiting at the finish line.


If you have any questions, please contact us at