Countdown to the Games
19-24 June 2022

Table Tennis

Know your facts:

  • Unified Sports? Yes
  • Estimated number of athletes participating: 268 athletes + 43 Unified partners

Table tennis is a backstroke sport. Athletes play with a ball and all players have a table tennis bat. The ball is played over the net into the other field. Table tennis can also be played in a wheelchair.


Special Olympics feature:

Apart from the traditional events, Special Olympics include individual skill events that allow athletes to work and compete in basic skills of table tennis. These skills include bouncing the ball with the bat, volleying, and backhand skills.


We have five competitions at National Games:

  1. Singles
  2. Doubles
  3. Mixed Doubles
  4. Unified Sports Doubles
  5. Unified Sports Mixed Doubles
Find all information about timings in the competition schedule.

For our table tennis competitions tickets are required.

The photo shows an athlete during indication at table tennis.
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The photo shows a concentrated athlete during a table tennis match. She is waiting for the ping pong ball.
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The photo is taken from above and shows an athlete while performing a table tennis stroke.
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The photo shows an athlete during a table tennis match. She is performing the indication.
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The photo shows a scene of a table tennis match. One player looks concentrated at the table tennis ball in order to hit it correctly.
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Table Tennis takes place at Eissporthalle on the grounds of Olympiapark.