Countdown to the Games
19-24 June 2022


Know your facts:

  • Unified Sports? Yes
  • Estimated number of athletes participating: 33 + 4 Unified partners

The three disciplines of a triathlon are swimming, cycling and running. Endurance, strength and speed are important for this multi-sport race. Triathletes must train specifically for each of the three disciplines.

We have one competition at the National Games:

Super Sprint (swim - 350m, bike - 10km, run - 2,5km)

Find all information about timings in the competition schedule.

There is no ticket required for our triathlon competitions.

The photo shows an athlete coming out of the water of the swimming part of the Triathlon.
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The photo shows a beach scene during a triathlon competition. The athlete is running in the center and to his left and right are people applauding.
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The photo shows an athlete on her bike during a triathlon competition.
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On the photo, there is an athlete running a race in triathlon. As this is the last part of the three disciplines in triathlon (after swimming and cycling), he is giving high fives to the spectator waiting at the finish line.
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The photo shows a triathlon scene at the beach. Athletes are running out of the water after finishing the swimming part of the triathlon. On the sides are spectators cheering.
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A photo of an athlete running at a Triathlon competition.
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The photo shows an athlete swimming in open water during a Triathlon competition.
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The photo shows a cyclist during competition.
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Triathlon takes place on the grounds of Olympiapark.