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19-24 June 2022


The regatta course Berlin-Grünau is a race field in the southeast of Berlin. The first official sailing regatta took place in 1868 and the first rowing regatta on the course took place in 1880. It was also the venue for the rowing and canoeing competitions of the 1936 Olympic Games.

Today the course is 2,000m long, offers six lanes for rowing competitions and up to nine lanes for canoeing. It is the property of the Treptow-Köpenick district.


Know your facts:

  • Location:
    Regattastraße 191-233
    12527 Berlin
    District Grünau
  • Public transport:
    tram 68 (station Regattatribünen)
  • Year opened:
  • Sustainability:
    The regatta course is listed. In this context, special care is taken to install sustainable materials.
  • Home of:
    The National Training Center of Kayaking and Rowing 
  • Fun Fact: The regatta course Grünau is the oldest sports facility in Berlin that is still in use.
The photo shows several jetties reaching into the water and some smaller buildings in the background.
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The photo shows the regatta course in Grünau. You can see canoes in the water and the boat docks.
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The photo shows the regatta course in Grünau.
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The photo shows a scene during an Open Water Swimming competition. Three athletes are visible.

Sports hosted at Grünau

The sports hosted at Grünau are Kayaking and Open Water Swimming.

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Ticket information

Tickets are required for both sports in Grünau.